God is Great – So I Don’t Have to Be in Control

Wow! What a week watching God do His thing. As I stated in the past blog post “Which Way Do You Lean?”, I was leaning on my own understanding instead of God’s. In other words, I was trying to be in control. I realized the futility in this and the need to turn to Him in prayer and reliance. In particular, I (and our community) needed to lean on Him for direction and provision of a location for our new school/church plant. We didn’t expect Him to answer as quickly as He did (perhaps another problem with me trying to be in control), but He responded big time.

After running into zoning issues that closed a lot of doors and looking at many over-priced commercial locations we turned to God for direction. We stopped trying to be in control of the situation and sought out God’s provision. He led us to a location that we had driven past many times but never thought much of it. We were even skeptical going in to it to check it out. But He knew what He was doing. The location is great in the heart of Wylie. The space will work quite well for the first couple of years while we get the school established. And the price was right too! God knew what we needed and made it work. But that’s really only just part of what He did.

Once He led us to this location, there was some urgency because of a couple other people looking at it too. We didn’t have the funds yet to do it, but God had already put some people in our path who were willing to help us with finances. We asked for their support and they were quick to help out. All of the people in our community had a chance to check it out and saw the benefits of the location. Above all, our community has seen what God’s doing. We’ve all been standing back with jaws dropped because of how quick and overwhelming God worked.

I don’t think my words here did it justice, but seeing what seemed pretty close to impossible because we were trying to go at it with our abilities and understanding didn’t work. But once we relinquished the attempt of control and watched God do His thing, it has been amazing!


And how appropriate that we started a preaching series in our community called “The 4G’s – Truths to Set You Free”, and the first one is about God’s greatness. “God is Great – So I Don’t Have to Be in Control.” Author and pastor, Tim Chester, wrote a great book called “You Can Change” and presents these four truths in it. I’ll explore each one in turn over the next few weeks. In short, we believe lies and fall into traps that the world and the devil set for us. What we need is God’s truth to help us combat these lies and keep things in proper perspective. Hence, the 4G’s (God is Great, God is Good, God is Gracious, God is Glorious).

God is great. He has created all things, worked to restore creation after we broke it, and continues to provide and take care of all of us. The God who created stars, walked on water, healed the blind and lame, and rose from the dead leaves us with no other option than He is Great! If God can do those things, He can take care of our finances, provide us with food, help us in our relationships, and even help us find buildings to house a ministry. God has the power to be in control and in so many areas and at times that we don’t. We don’t have to feel the pressure of the world to perform better or work harder. We can rest in knowing that God has us and cares for us.

So What’s Next?

There’s still more questions to be answered and more hurdles to jump, but our game plan looks better now. We turn to God FIRST to seek Him out and rest in Him. We’re not sitting idly by, but we’re certainly not acting like we’re the ones in control anymore. It’s easy to keep reaching for the reins but we’re doing our best to keep our hands off and to just see what God is doing.

As for the location itself, it will take a couple months to get it built out how we want to use it and make it work for our purposes. We’ll be looking for God to continue sending people to help in these efforts whether it’s swinging a hammer, providing financial support, or donating items. We’ll keep you posted with some pictures and how things are going both here and on our Veritas Academy blogs. Let us know how you’d like to help and we’ll get you plugged in. But above all keep praying that God’s greatness is what leads us and is evident through this ministry and all of our lives.

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